Demand Forecasting

Project - Demand forecasting

This model predicts customer traffic and product demand, enabling better inventory management and staff scheduling. Learn more about the practical applications of AI in business with Newcastle AI's innovative approach. 


The objective of this use case is to develop a robust demand forecasting model for a coffee shop, aimed at accurately predicting daily customer traffic and product demand. This model will enable the coffee shop to optimise inventory management, staff scheduling, and promotional strategies, thereby enhancing operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. 


The solution implemented is a sophisticated demand forecasting model that leverages historical sales data, seasonal trends, local events, and weather patterns to predict customer flow and product demand in the coffee shop. Utilising machine learning algorithms, the model provides daily and weekly forecasts, enabling the coffee shop to adjust its inventory levels, staff rosters, and marketing efforts accordingly. This data-driven approach ensures the coffee shop can meet customer needs effectively, reduce waste, and capitalise on potential sales opportunities.


Enhanced Inventory Management 

The model enables precise stock control, reducing waste and ensuring availability of popular items, thereby improving cost efficiency. 

Optimised Staffing 

By predicting customer traffic, the coffee shop can schedule staff more effectively, ensuring adequate service during peak times and reducing unnecessary labor costs during quieter periods. 

Increased Sales and Customer Satisfaction

With better understanding of demand patterns, the shop can tailor its offerings and promotions, leading to higher sales and improved customer experiences.